The Sorting Hat (SS7)

IMG_0954.JPGI’m currently writing this with the view of a lake and the buzzing of a small town in Colorado that is gearing up for a “Race to Cure all Cancer.” Law school can be stressful (are we surprised? haha not at all), so every now and then you’ve got to make time to get away and reset. This weekend, my roomie and I did just that. We took off for the mountains to just take a moment to get away from it all and decompress. It’s 49 degrees, a crisp fall morning, and perfect.

I’ve written a lot about finding your tribe at school, looking for the Hagrids, not losing hope or yourself in the law school process and feeling capable so far in law school. Today’s post might seem a little different because it’s not about how to do well in law school or what crazy things have happened to us this far, it’s going to deal with more about what to do with yourself and your past. My last post was about how we should all just be ourselves and not hide who we are and this post is more of the next step.

Here’s our recap of chapter 7:

Harry has made it to Hogwarts and through the doors to be greeted by Professor McGonagall. He suddenly feels anxious finding out that they would soon be sorted into their respective houses before joining the other students in the Welcome Feast. Harry thinks that he won’t be sorted into any of the houses, and then wonders what the school will do with him then. They walk in and a tattered old hat is placed on a stool in front of them, leaving Harry to think of what Aunt Petunia would say about it. As students are sorted, the gut feeling he won’t be placed in house starts to grow. He has flashbacks to never being picked for a team in school thanks to everyone’s fear of Dudley. When it’s his turn, he listens to the hat mull over his qualities and Harry thinks “Not Slytherin” and is soon placed into Gryffindor. After all the students are sorted, the feast begins, and harry sees more food then he ever has in his entire life. His new life truly begins, and what a good life it is.

Our theme, you ask? Reconciling the past with the present.

The main reason for my roomie and I heading to the mountains this weekend was to be able to take a break from the present and reflect on how things have been going the past few weeks. When you sit down to do that, you start to see how the past translates into the present. Whether its relationships that aren’t working out, stressing over school for no reason, or the feeling that you are on a perpetual cycle of trying to make things happen and never being able to do it. I’ve heard a lot in classes too, people who say things like, “this used to work for me in undergrad, but not now”, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”, “I can’t do anything I used to because those things don’t fit into my current life”.

We spend a lot of time trying to reconcile the past with our present. Harry spent thoughts on his past in conjunction with his present. Then the present always showed that things were slightly different. He was hungry and suddenly fed, instead of being left wondering if he would eat. He saw an ugly hat and people celebrated it instead of throwing it out. He felt like no one would want him in their house, and he was welcomed with a more than warm response froths now fellow Gryffindors. What if Harry had cowarded away in fear of all these things? What if he had let his anxiety get the best of him? Harry was given a choice to let the past dictate his present, or to acknowledge the past and move forward with his present.

This weekend has pointed out a lot of parts of my past that I still let dictate my present. It pointed out the parts of my life that need some change and what parts of my past that need to have their power revoked. It’s important to not let law school push you to the limits where you can’t take time to reflect about your life a little. It’s important to do self-reflection, to remember who you are and how you are reconciling your past to your present. We are on a journey of change, and self-discovery. Without taking time to relax and figure out what you really want in this life, you will lose yourself in legal terms and cases… until you find yourself stressed out 5 years later in a huge firm doing work you hate. Make sure to do a self audit every now and then, and when you do, you’ll see that the empty plate in front of you is magically filled with food all of a sudden and the possibilities are endless.

With that said I leave you with the Hogwarts School Song:


Until Next Time,

Mischief Managed

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